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Nov 9th, 2006 // 2 Comments

fields.jpgMusic-blog addicts will no doubt say, “Wha? Fields? They were cool, like, seven weeks ago!” But most people living in the real world probably have not heard this U.K. act, who specialize in taut, acoustic-psychedelic-whathaveyou rock (they also specialize in the time-honored “put the hot girl at the front of the photo” press strategy). Two songs from their Song For The Fields EP follow; just promise us you won’t get them confused with Field Music, the Field Mice, or the Field Of Dreams soundtrack.

Fields – Song For The Fields [MP3, link expired]
Fields – Brittlesticks [MP3, link expired]
Fields [MySpace]

  1. Dan Gibson

    You missed the opportunity to post the real Fields hit “If You Fail, We All Fail”, but thankfully, it’s on the Myspace.

  2. alt-gramma

    Indie Mom and I saw Fields open for the Dears last month. We’ve got a concert review and more songs if anyone is interested.

    @ Speed of Dark

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