Lou Reed Takes A Walk On The Corporate Side

Nov 9th, 2006 // 9 Comments

loureed.jpgIn case you were wondering what, exactly, you were missing when you heard about all those industry parties featuring big-name musical guests, Lou Reed is here to let you know that the answer is “Not much, except for that drained-soul feeling.” From a report on a Web 2.0 party with a Blackberry-wielding crowd:

Lou looked miserable. He ended a song, looked out and, in that distinctive Lou Reed voice, said to the crowd: “Maybe you can talk louder.”

He continued: “I can turn the sound up and hurt you.”

Some people cheered.

Lou gave the order to the sound guy: “Turn it up.”

He strummed a blaring chord, then spoke some more, turning up the irony.

“This is the moment I’ve waited for my whole life. When I was on St. Marks Place I thought, someday there’ll be a cyberspace and I’ll be playing for AOL.” (There was a big AOL banner behind the band.)

Hey, it could have been worse, Lou. You could have been opening for the Bank of America guy.

UPDATE: Valleywag has video of Reed’s performance, as well as estimates of his take-home.

Lou Reed Meets Web 2.0 [The Key]
Hello bubble: Lou Reed plays “What’s Good” at Web 2.0 dinner (with video) [Valleywag]


  1. Miss Tanya

    WAH. Hey Lou, you can always say “no.”

  2. Anonymous

    Seriously, I thought indentured servitude went out with the middle ages.

  3. drjimmy11

    TO: Reed, Lou
    SUBJECT: sexually and racially harassing language in the workplace

    Dear Mr. Reed:

    In the future, please consider making more work-appropriate word choices, e.g. “the women of African descent go do da do da do da do dad do….”

    Further violations will result in disciplinary action up to, and including, termination.

    Corporate HR

  4. bambino

    Hold on, let me throw up into my Cristal

  5. SirLoin

    Oh Sweet Lou. Still the loveable curmudgeon we’ve always known. He should have just played the entire “Metal Machine Music” album. That would have scared the straights.

  6. ortholomeux

    bet he wasn’t saying that when he cashed the check for $100k…

  7. jfruh

    Valleywag actually has the video:


    It’s every bit as awful as you might imagine.

  8. twofivefour

    Poor Lou. From drinking a glass of cream and eating only the fat from a pork chop while touring Australia to “fulfilling your wildest dreams”.
    Maybe it’s penance. He espoused the instrinsic American values embodied in a white t-shirt a few years ago, and now he wears a black one and has to play for AOL.

  9. Chief Wahoo

    Met Lou backstage st the Knitting Factory a few years ago. He was a complete prick.

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