Idolator Presents: The Best Public-Access Music Videos Of All Time! Take 6

Nov 10th, 2006 // 5 Comments

It’s been a while since we lasted rounded up the finest in community programming; we blame YouTube’s lack of recent gonzo acquisitions. But even though it took us some time, we’ve once again assembled some of the most amazing off-key warblings, buffonish balladry, and amateur puppeterring on the web. After the click-though, more evidence that late-night television peaked in the ’80s and ’90s.

5. Yourself, “The Day People Came”
You’ll need to plug in your headphones to really hear the sexy flute solo, but Yourself is more about the wardrobe than the music; even though the clip claims this is from 1992, they look like both look like they just came back from one of Jackson Browne’s “Re-elect Carter” fund-raising shows.

4. Unknown Artist, “Love Nuts” (?)
It’s impossible to tell if these guys are actual late-’80s hair-metal balladers, or simply one of the most detail-oriented satirists of all time. Either way, we finally get an answer to that age-old question: What if Jon Lovitz started dressing up like Susanna Hoffs? (Warning: gets slight NSFW at the end)

3. Unknown, “Spirit of Truth”
Okay, so this one’s been around for a while, and the only thing vaguely musical about it is the backing groove track. But if we can’t all join together to enjoy a guy with a Last Of The Mohicans haircut asking, “Are you laughing, beeyatch?”, then all is lost.

2. Marcello Romero, “Sixty Million Voles”
The song is actually pretty good–kind of a weird mix of Pinback, They Might Be Giants and a broken drum machine–but what really sells it is the video’s muppety co-stars. You know you’re in for a good time when you see the tags “Puppets Puppetry music video” all lined up together.

1. Sondra Prill And Guests, “The Greatest Love”
The next time you think you’re having a bad day, cue up this clip and keep your eyes on the woman on the left, who’s obviously looking for an exit sign whenver the mic is put in front of her. It’s almost enough to distract you from the keyboard tie.

  1. Ned Raggett


  2. SirLoin

    Yourself! These guys have a local public access show in San Diego called “Yourself Presents.” They feature local weirdos/musicians and then at the very end bring out their own hippie jams complete with state-of-the art, 1987-style video effects. I used to get really stoned with friends and watch repeats of this show.

  3. AcilletaM

    You’re going to be tempted to sit through the whole video #4 because of the NFSW tag. I am here to tell you to fight that urge.

  4. chaircrusher

    I tried to use google to find anything about video #4, but the single reference to “dewey them generation” points back to that video on youtube. But I definitely will go home tonight humming that song, which is kinda all right.

    Another clue — the front of the kick suggests the band was named Delta 9, but google just turns up references to hardcore/noise DJ Delta 9, and references to THC. But I can’t find any 80s hair bands called Delta 9.

    Could this video be an artifact of musical history erased?

  5. license2jill

    Video No. 2 is obviously early inspiration for the TV show “Greg the Bunny.” Note especially the conspicuous lack of pants.

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