Caught In The Pit: Idolator Readers Spark Hot Threads

Nov 10th, 2006 // 1 Comment

pit.jpgWelcome to “Caught In The Pit,” our every-so-often look at our favorite Idolator threads. Want to join the music-geek hordes who are partying it up? Right this way.

1) The Cover-Song Showcase Showdown: Picking Apart “Love Will Tear Us Apart”: “Isn’t the Fall Out Boy’s version proof that this was one of the first emo songs? I’m kinda waiting for an overblown, 7-part My Chemical Romance version featuring a chorus of crying schoolchildren and Bea Arthur.”–gorillavsmarykate

2) The “Uncut” Best Of 2006 List: A Sign Of Consensus To Come?: “Why is this gay porn magazine putting out top ten music lists?”–KimGordonsPanties

3) Videodrone: Eminem Is Finally Silenced: “I often think how sad it is that so many hip-hop videos don’t have access to film on the other side of those damn chain link fences. Metal too.”–qyntellspitbull

4) Stuck On Repeat: Lil Wayne Swallows Up “Maneater”: “Often times, I find myself wishing that Wayne was pronounced “Whan-yay” – the same as in “Kanye.” If I could refer to this man as “Lil’ Whan-yay,” then there’s a really good chance that I would bring him up in conversation more frequently. “–mickeyprecious

5) The Jenna Jameson Electric Guitar: Insert Your Bad “Hot Licks” Pun Here: “The 24 frets are nice, as are the Seymour Duncan pickups instead of factory bullshit but there is nothing Metal about a fixed bridge! This is a guitar you buy with your prize money after winning a regional battle of the bands sponsored by Jagermeister and Guitar One.”–noamjamski


  1. Bob Loblaw

    While I agree with your sentiment, Mickey, history shows that the name ultimately wasn’t much help for Boyz II Men’s Wanya Morris.

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