Has Karl Lagerfeld Been Reading Pitchfork Again?

Nov 10th, 2006 // 4 Comments

A few weeks after tapping Chan Marshall for a modeling gig, Chanel head Karl Lagerfeld has landed on another muse beloved by the yupster crowd: pint-sized Brit Lily Allen.

“Nothing is set in stone but Karl believes she has come up with a look that will define 2007. It’s all about wearing really classy clothes in a different context.

“He is keen to dress her and work with her.”

The cheeky Allen–who’s bragged about her on-stage getups combining Marc Jacobs dresses and trainers–represents a shift for Chanel, which has normally looked to the silver screen for its non-supermodel faces (and no, Nicole Kidman doesn’t count, despite her Moulin Rouge role). All of this must smart for Lindsay Lohan, who was rejected by Lagerfeld for not being sophisticated enough. Our advice? Convince Asthmatic Kitty to re-release Speak, then give your face-of-Chanel campaign another go.

Lily Is Top Of The Frocks [The Sun, via No Rock And Roll Fun]
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  1. Nicolars

    Classy + Lilly does not compute.

  2. jody

    this look was created in the ’80s by white-collar businesswomen in new york who didn’t want to wear their pumps on the subway.

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