The Pet Shop Boys Bring The West End To The Flyover States

Nov 10th, 2006 // 6 Comments

Taking their cue from the Scissor Sisters (isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?), the Pet Shop Boys performed “West End Girls” on Dancing With The Stars Wednesday night. They were accompanied by some backing b-boys, one of whom–in a neat bit of ABC-NBC cross-over–is Saturday Night Live‘s Andy Samberg. We think.

Pet Shop Boys Dancing With The Stars [YouTube]

  1. SlimShadenfruede

    That is NOT Andy Samberg. you could see right at the end. C’mon guys. make your coffee stronger and get to it.

  2. Peter DeWolf

    Wait… SNL is still on TV?

  3. chrisb

    Those are the same two “dancers” accompanying them on their current tour, and they are fucking awful. I realize it’s Pet Shop Boys, not Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation tour, but it was like amateur hour up there.

    The backup singer, on the other hand, the chick who looks like she’s wearing a cockatoo on her head, she was FIERCE.

    (Thus concludes the gayest comment you’ll receive on Idolator all day.)

  4. Miss Tanya

    I saw this. On the depressing scale of 1 through 10, I give it a 7, topped only by the 9 I gave Rod Stewart’s muffin-topped performance.

  5. eric harvey

    would have been better if they would have done the entire ‘battleship potemkin’ soundtrack instead. instead of b-boys, they could have featured baby carriages and a huge, scary guy in a god costume. and maggot-infested meat.

  6. Anonymous

    Pet Shop Boys on Dancing With the Starts seems like only a slight notch above Lou Reed for AOL.

    Thank you for planting the seed however that before his *big break* landing SNL, Andy Samberg had actually spent his life training to be a dancer. He could’ve been the next K-Fed.

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