Pick Of The ‘Fork: Your Wordsmiths Revealed

Nov 10th, 2006 // 1 Comment

pitchfork.jpgTime to wrap up this week’s edition of Pick Of The ‘Fork, where we try to match wits with the wordsmiths at taste-making review site Pitchfork. The race this week was tight, but in the end, our decoy sentence–“Unfortunately, her attempts at chilly reserve fall flat, and she sounds about as cool as ‘Ice Ice Baby.’ “–didn’t fool 33% of you, and that was enough to send the Idolator team to its first Pick Of The ‘Fork defeat in three weeks.

The three real Pitchfork sentences, and their sources:

“Yeah, dudes, I’ve kinda had enough of the blame-American-Idol-first crowd.”Takka Takka, We Feel Safer At Night (a 5.6 from Marc Hogan, and 26% of the vote)

“As a chipper punk at Corpus Christi grammar school I once asked: Why didn’t the frogs eat all the bugs?”Various Artists, Plague Songs (a 5.5 from Brandon Stosuy, and 25% of the vote)

“Upon hearing this, Steven Patrick Morrissey promptly hung himself, buried his own corpse, and rolled over in his grave.”The Isles, “Flying Under Cheap Kites” (2 1/2 stars from Matthew Solarski, and 16% of the vote)


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    pick of the fork: v-dubs rock……

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