The Ugliest Album Cover Of The Year: We May Have A Winner

Nov 10th, 2006 // 14 Comments

We haven’t seen a great bad album cover in a while, but we’ve finally spotted one that’s so terrible, so wrought with lousy art and stinky metaphor, that it might just wrest the “worst packaging of ’06″ title from the Sleepy Jackson’s Matthew Barney-gone-wrong sleeve for Personality (One Was A Spider One Was A Bird).

The cover–and the band responsible for greenlighting it–are after the jump. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Behold, the Ethan Van Sciver-drawn cover for Winger IV, the 13-years-later follow-up to Winger’s third album, Pull. The press release contextualizes it for us: “The album art depicts our Militaries finest protecting with guardian angels that are representative of our prayers we send.” And that mini-Amerigasm isn’t the release’s most unnerving part–no, that comes when Winger bassist/namesake Kip Winger claims that his band’s new direction “may resemble Genesis, Mott the Hoople, or King Crimson.” Just what the world needed: a 14-minute, noodled-out remake of “Seventeen.”

Winger Update! [I Love Music]

  1. Ned Raggett

    Shoulda released this two years earlier. The market’s collapsed.

  2. JackieTreehorn

    They sent out a press release with a gratuitous typo and odd phrasing in it?

  3. BawstonSean

    Maybe they can team up with Godsmack and Toby Keith for the “Facism”, er I, mean “Freedom on the March” world tour.

  4. PengIn

    So, according to Winger no soldiers would die if we prayed hard enough? I hope he gets a Marine boot to the ass for this pathetic attempt at cash in.

  5. SirLoin

    Genesis, Mott the Hoople, and King Crimson!?!?!?? We have a new genre! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “Hair Prog.”

  6. BawstonSean

    “Hair prog”? ewww. That could be the worst genre since hip-house.

  7. Ned Raggett

    Dream Theater is already the unchallenged king of that crappy throne…

  8. Jack Fear

    Oh, dear. I know Ethan Van Sciver a little from another (comics-related) message board, and he’s a really nice guy–smart, curious, humble. But that image… wow.

  9. h. ross piroshky

    holy crap! and to think i had a bit of sympathy for him after his “Where Are They Now/Behind The Music” deal.

    Any comment from Robert Fripp??

  10. Paul D

    Dream Theater is already the unchallenged king of that crappy throne…

    Sorry. Only 40% of Dream Theater still has long hair.

  11. ssssppparkkkk

    I thought Winger was exterminated in the great Purges that took place in the early-mid 90s.

    I guess Winger must’ve escaped to some South American country where the danger of extradition is non-existant.

  12. rad_matter

    That cover’s pretty ugly, but I nominate Rachael Ray’s “Too Cool for School Mixtape for Kids” for worst cover of the year–it looks like Carol Brady grew out her hair, dyed it brown and snapped the Brady kids into halves.

  13. Marc

    What’s facism? It sounds horrible.

  14. deusdiabolus


    …I’m gonna go slam my head in a door. Be right back.

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