Leak Of The Week: Jay-Z Does Not Have Time For MySpace

Jay-Z’s Kingdom Come, which drops a week from tomorrow, snaked its way around the Internet over the weekend. In the Just Blaze-produced “Oh My God,” Jay drops My Chemical Romance references over a claustrophobic beat, while “Beach Chair”–in which Jay says that he has never been on MySpace (um, hello?)–has a pretty stunning backing track, although the Chris Martin-sung chorus gives it a little too much of a Coldplay-ish edge.

Jay-Z – Oh My God [MP3, link expired]
Jay-Z featuring Chris Martin – Beach Chair [MP3, link expired]

  • ens3000

    U don’t seriously think Hov had anything to do with setting up his own MySpace page, do you?

  • Max Power

    Can anything involving Coldplay be described as having an “edge”?

  • lucasg

    or anything involving budweiser and nascar?

  • Clare

    Did HOVA’s people get to you? The Chris Martin track doesn’t work.