Leak Of The Week: Jay-Z Does Not Have Time For MySpace

Nov 13th, 2006 // 4 Comments

Jay-Z’s Kingdom Come, which drops a week from tomorrow, snaked its way around the Internet over the weekend. In the Just Blaze-produced “Oh My God,” Jay drops My Chemical Romance references over a claustrophobic beat, while “Beach Chair”–in which Jay says that he has never been on MySpace (um, hello?)–has a pretty stunning backing track, although the Chris Martin-sung chorus gives it a little too much of a Coldplay-ish edge.

Jay-Z – Oh My God [MP3, link expired]
Jay-Z featuring Chris Martin – Beach Chair [MP3, link expired]


  1. ens3000

    U don’t seriously think Hov had anything to do with setting up his own MySpace page, do you?

  2. Max Power

    Can anything involving Coldplay be described as having an “edge”?

  3. lucasg

    or anything involving budweiser and nascar?

  4. Clare

    Did HOVA’s people get to you? The Chris Martin track doesn’t work.

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