Bono Finally Getting Over His Press Shyness

Nov 13th, 2006 // 2 Comments

So you had a busy weekend, right? You took care of the recycling, sent out some Veterens Day cards, alphabetized your doo-rag collection, etc. Well, no matter how much you accomplished over the last few days, you’ve got nothing on impish do-gooder Bono, who is now inserting himself, Zelig-like, in every major and minor pop-cultural happening around the globe:

- He defended Madonna’s recent adoption, while noting that, by the way, he almost went the whole adopt-an-African-kid route twenty years ago. [The Sun]
- He made a surprise appearance at a Kylie Minogue concert in Australia, where the teeny singer noted that the crowd is “in the company of greatness.” They then cast light on that greatness by performing a Robbie Williams song. [NME]
- He was the subject of a giant New York Times diagram of philanthropy, possibly the first chart to ever include Toby Keith, Bob Geldof and Jimmy Fallon. [NY Times]

On the to-do list for this weekend: The red-carpet premiere of Matthew Broderick and Danny Devito’s Deck The Halls; emceeing the customer-appreciation party at the Supercuts at the Port Goss Family Outlet in Port Goss, Rhode Island; and some light yardwork.

  1. Clare

    I absolutely adore Kylie Minogue. I think she’s gorgeous, incredibly talented, works with cool people and is generally awe-inspiring. That said…

    Kylie, what the fuck are you wearing??

  2. twofivefour

    Wardrobe complaint seconded. Also, newsclips show that Bono makes Robbie Williams sound like a girl.
    Which is funny, because Robbie makes Justin Timberlake sound like a girl.

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