AC/DC Frontman Causes Pile-Up On British Reality Show

Nov 13th, 2006 // 3 Comments

brian.jpgAC/DC screamer Brian Johnson and British R & B singer Ms. Dynamite were involved in a 100-mph crash during taping of The Race, Sky TV’s automotive take on Battle Of The Network Stars. Johnson was not injured; Ms. Dynamite was airlifted to a hospital for observation, but her injuries aren’t expected to be serious. The accident is the show’s second this month–Gary Numan, who was presumably on the show because of his hit single “Cars,” got into a scrap with TV presenter Ingrid Tarrant last week. This all seems a little extreme, no? It’s enough to make us pine for the days when people just had to come up with stupid fill-in-the-blank answers to stay in the public’s eye.

Ms Dynamite in 100mph crash with AC/DC singer [The Independent]
Don’t Try to Race Gary Numan — You’ll Crash [Jalopnik]

  1. chaircrusher

    First link completely broken, like … someone was coding HTML hung over. But we love you!

  2. Davey G.

    I just hope Johnson was in Maximum Overdrive when they collided.

  3. Bob Loblaw

    Emergency medical fligh-TEE-hee.

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