Music Blogosphere Loses Yet Another Anonymous Weenie

Nov 13th, 2006 // Comment

bearhold.jpgThis weekend, the oft-inscrutable blograker Gerard did a little high-tech detective work and discovered that the anonymous owner of MP3 Blogs Suck–yet another music site boasting strong-minded opinions and a weak backbone–is actually Songs:Illinois proprietor Craig Bonnell. Clearly, Bonnell was terrified that he would be identified as the man behind such Andy Rooney-esque diatribes as “Idolator and Stereogum: Gee, they’re kinda alike, aren’t they?” and “What’s the deal with the music labels trying to get songs on blogs? Crazy!”

Come on, people: If you’re going to force us to read your rants, at least put your name on them; nothing deflates your opinion-filled missive quicker than a lack of a signature. Hell, we put our names on the masthead, and you’ve seen how much stupid shit we churn out.

(Speaking of anonymous weenies, we’re still waiting for someone to declaw the Bear. Show yourself, GVB! Together, we can rule the galaxy! Or something).

MP3 Blogs Suck

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