Track Marks: How Via Audio Became This Week’s Biggest Band In The World

Nov 13th, 2006 // 6 Comments

Welcome to another edition of Track Marks, where your Idolators perform an autopsy on the latest MP3-blog sensation.

Artist: Via Audio
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY, via Boston
Album: Say Something, 2006
First blog mention: A track posted to Sixeyes in April.
The Build-Up: Mentions over the summer from Ear Farm and 5 Acts, then radio silence until October, when Largehearted Boy included them in his “Daily Download” section.
The Dam-Break: CMJ gave Via Audio’s blog profile a boost; the band played two shows during the festival, as well as a post-party in Connecticut, and, in a pretty ingenious move, they sent tracks out to bloggers around the time of the festival. That led to a mini-explosion of raves for the indie-pop outfit, and many of them–like The Yellow Stereo’s mention–name-checked the band’s fans in Death Cab For Cutie and Spoon. “We Can Be Good” and “Modern Day Saint” are sitting in the top 10.
Odds of Backlash: 6-1. Having your album produced by a member of Spoon = a good way to get people listening.
Are They Worthy?: We’re usually wary of anyone who trumpets their Berklee pedigree, Brendon Small excepted. Thankfully, Via Audio don’t go the arpeggios-and-pentatonics route; unfortunately, their sleepy, electro-tinged pop songs aren’t much to rave about, although we do dig the dark, echoing coda at the end of “Developing Active People.”

Via Audio – We Can Be Good [MP3, link expired]
Via Audio – Developing Active People [MP3, link expired]
VIA AUDIO LOVES YOU <3 <3 <3 [Official site]


  1. the rich girls are weeping

    Those Spoon and Death Cab comparisons were lazily lifted from the band’s cover letter, which was apparently sent to every blogger of a certain stripe. *ahem*

    I was actually feeling bad that I never replied to Via Audio’s email or listened to their tracks — but given the amount of buzz they’ve generated in the past few weeks I think I’ve gotten over that now.

    (Note to bands: If I don’t like your name, even if you do drop the names of musicians whose production side projects I know/respect and even if those dropped names belong to two musician/producers I happen to like just as people as well, I’m just not going to listen. Sorry!)

  2. qyntellspitbull

    I like these a lot, sounds promising.

    As for the post above me, I love it when bloggers develop such an attitude. You’re a blogger, chill the fuck out and know your place.

  3. the rich girls are weeping

    That’s not an attitude. I’m always like this.

  4. Subinev

    wait, so i’m the only blogger who actually liked this band on their own without being harassed into it?

  5. d

    yes, b. you are the only one.

  6. Trackback

    Saturday night’s penultimate band are Brooklynites by way of Boston, Via Audio. I said previously that Saturday would have a bit of Texan connective tissue running through the bill, and as our sharp patrons know, Boston and Brooklyn ain’t in Texas.

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