Fans On The Run: Welcome to the GN’R Jungle

Nov 13th, 2006 // 1 Comment

On Friday night, Madison Square Garden was invaded by Botox-assisted vocal theatrics of Guns N’ Roses (aka Axl Rose’s Court-Allowed Traveling Cover Band). Idolator was there to meet n’ greet with the fans outside, and photographer Nikola Tamindzic recorded it all for posterity.

Fans On The Run: Guns N’ Roses


  1. OutsideToilet

    Pictures at a Funeral. Rosey cannot sing. Either the sound chaps were turning him down as soon as the crowd began to sing, or he was miming in order to save the voice he doesn’t have. People in my row were sitting with their heads in their hands, crying over the pasts they couldn’t recreate. It was the biggest, saddest, most nauseating Emperor’s New Voice that I have ever witnessed. And I walked out-with many others-after an hour of this desperate bilge.

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