Jimmy Buffett Does Not Want His Fans To Waste Away In Fake Margaritaville

Nov 13th, 2006 // Comment

jimmy-buffett-photo-guitar.jpgI-banker icon Jimmy Buffett has filed a trademark-infringement suit against UnderOneHut, which, at first, seems like a poorly designed gift/houseware outpost. Dig deeper, though, and you’ll find some “Buffett-inspired” items that made us kind of sympathize with the beleaguered billionaire–sure, he’s been responsible for some horrible aesthetic crimes, but we suspect that even he wouldn’t want to be responsible for people using ornaments that have tiny, glittery flip-flops on them to decorate their Christmas trees.

Singer Buffett Sues Alleged Trademark Infringer [Reuters via NYT]
jimmy buffett decor from UnderOneHut.com [underonehut.com]


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