Shiny Brown Turd Finally Unleashed Upon Populace

Nov 14th, 2006 // 3 Comments

Bill Gates asks a Seattle crowd if anyone can re-send “My Humps” to his Zune.

Microsoft’s little brown turd that could hits stores today, and we are more than a little excited–not because we’re planning on buying the thing, mind you. Rest assured, though, that we’ll be scouring the Web all day for reports on discounts,
junketed bloggers, acorn-like headphones, and jokers attempting to welcome people to the “social.” Are you a sucker planning on picking up a Zune today? Drop us an e-mail with your reports from the front.

[Photo: John Froschauer/AP]

  1. AcilletaM

    By shiny brown turd you’re referring to the things he’s holding and not him right?

  2. rchick

    is that richie sambora giving the ‘don’t stop believin’ ‘ fist in the background?

  3. millwhistle

    well, at least the zune ads are less irritating than the v-dubs ads.

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