Mick Jagger Joins Long List Of Zune-Bashers

Nov 14th, 2006 // 11 Comments

mick.jagger.jpgEven though they’ve done business with Bill Gates in the past, the Rolling Stones aren’t down with the Zune; according to this Newsweek column, you won’t be able to share your copy of Goat’s Head Soup with fellow Zuneophiles:

What’s more, when I tried to send a Rolling Stones song I just bought on the Zune Marketplace to another Zune, I got a message reading, “Can’t receive songs because of rights restrictions.” Huh? Microsoft says that in a minority of cases it was unable to secure artist rights for even this limited form of sharing, and that’s the message you get when you try to send songs from those holdouts.

Seems to me that when you buy those non-sharable songs from the Zune Marketplace you should be warned about this. But Microsoft says that they have no plans to give you that information, even if it makes you look like an idiot when you waste a friend’s time by trying to send a song and getting only that insulting error message.

Well, now we’re definitely not going to buy the thing. Anyone have any artist-sharing hiccups to report? Will Zune let you share Zooropa? We need to know!

Tune Into Zune? [Newsweek]


  1. drjimmy11

    I would imagine you have to burn the songs to CD and rip them back as an mp3 to get rid of the silly DRM- just like with an Ipod.

    These ridiculous proprietary formats are why I have not yet paid for music online. If you want me to buy it, sell me a plain old mp3/flac, just like the one I’d get if I bought the CD and ripped it. Anything else is an insult to the intelligence of the consumer.

  2. spinachdip

    drjimmy – I think you’re half right. If you can convert the Zune Marketplace (that’s a fucking mouthful) song into mp3, you can transfer it to another Zune.

    But the 3 day/3 play DRM still applies, whether the song came from a CD, you recorded it yourself or it came from the Zune store.

  3. nosebleed

    how long do you think it’ll be before every Zune in the world becomes the virus infested fodder like it’s big proud poppa PC parents?

    yes that was a lot of “P” words.

    but still, it’s virtually a trojan horse for hackers.

    and there has to be a reason Steve Jobs is still smiling –
    something is being planned.

  4. Weezy F Baby

    in idolator’s review of the zune, didn’t they mention that non-drm mp3′s can be transfered via wifi and kept forever? is there a definitive answer on this?

    also, with the zune will you be able to go on a friend’s computer and pull all non-drm tracks to your player without any problems?

    those are deal-breakers.

  5. JackieTreehorn

    So I guess Zune users who also happen to be Stones fans can’t get no satisfaction, huh?


  6. Maura Johnston

    unfortunately, we didn’t get to review the zune. but i believe that all music files, no matter what their original format, will be wrapped by the three-day-or-three-play restrictions.

  7. lucasg

    you know, i actually pay for downloads from emusic. i have been a subscriber for years. straight up mp3s, no b.s. and once you download a song or album, it’s in your account permanently. for example, last week, after the ‘the evens’ post, i bought the album from emusic, and downloaded it on both my home and work computers. can’t beat that! they have a huge library, and they have lots of rare and out of print stuff too.
    and lots of stoner rock! i’m not trying to shill for them, but i really like the service.

  8. spinachdip

    Weezy – From everything I’m reading, the 3 day/3 play limit applies to all wifi-shared songs, regardless of origin. Now, I was wrong when I wrote “3 day/3 play DRM still applies”, since Zune isn’t actually putting any DRM on the file.

    You can, however, stick your Zune onto your friend’s computer and enjoy limitless pirated music.

  9. Weezy F Baby

    good god i somehow mixed you guys up with gothamist, very sorry about that.

  10. Maura Johnston


  11. La Mareada

    Isn’t the significance of this story that its the first time Jagger ever gave a crap about fans and consumers?(or appeared to?) Microsoft just needs to buy another Stones song for their ads…

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