Blogsmacked: Can Someone Please Help Us Find A Happy Zune Owner?

- The “I can’t install this damn software” pain is felt by users and their computers. [FLX-TECH]
– The Zune Marketplace ushers in a new Microsoft quirk: the White Screen Of Death. [CrunchGear]
– Zunes are not flying off the shelves in Paramus. [Ka-Ching! On The Money With Dylan Ratigan]
– Get ready for the Zune Wikipedia wars. [Gadgetopia]
– What if you gave a launch party for a product … and no copies of that product showed up? You’d have last night’s Queens of the Stone Age show in New York. [Coast vs Coast]
– TI plays the Zune launch party in Atlanta. Really, those pictures say one thing to us: He should have given the Zune team some styling tips. [Platform|Launch|Action]
– Give a kid a Zune, and you’ll make him cry like Rick Santorum’s kid. [Anil Dash]