Best Albums List Compiled By Critics Who Have Only Listened To Reissues (And Kanye West) Since 2000

Nov 14th, 2006 // 9 Comments

The All-TIME 100 Albums [Time, via Paper Thin Walls]

  1. noamjamski

    Any list of all time best albums that does not acknowledge Appetite for Destruction or the Dark Side of the Moon was written by either fools or charlatans. And I will give credence to neither.

  2. Donnie DiMauro

    Oh, come on. Look at that! They included Radiohead’s “difficult” album! And that rap album that had the Polaroid picture song on it.

    Seriously, this list is for your parents. Just like the year-end ones that will pop up on blogs soon will be for their audience.

  3. AcidReign

    …..I’m a parent, born during the Ike era, and this list is most definitely NOT for me! Yick.

    …..1950′s, no Chuck Berry? No Jerry Lee Lewis? No Johnny Cash? 1960s, no Led Zep? None? Not even II, with Heartbreaker and Whole Lotta Love? Where is the first Boston album? Out of the Blue? Frampton Comes Alive? Yes “Fragile?” Did Deep Purple vanish from existence? No Aerosmith? No Double Live Gonzo? Oh my God, they left off the original Van Halen album! ZZ Top! Floyd! ELP! ELO! Styx “Pieces of Eight!” Kansas!

    …..And can you believe it? Madonna and REM are on the 80s list, and no Bon Jovi or Whitesnake? Where is Dio? Where is Judas Priest? Extreme? Metallica is, but they left off “Ride the Lightning,” in favor of “Puppets?”

    …..To top it off, they put remixes and remasters of old stuff in for the later years, like nothing good happens these days except in Rap. Yeah.

  4. Poubelle

    Aww, a list both kids my age and our parents can hate together! What a wonderful bonding experience.

  5. AcilletaM

    They didn’t have albums before 1954?

    Yeah, top album lists shouldn’t include collections and such. It’s an unfair advantage.

    Isn’t it a rule you have to include a Radiohead album and one REM album pre-1992 for any best of list to be considered legitimate by the more snobbish musical people?

    The Outkast album is not the one with the polaroid picture song on it. This is the one with Bombs over Baghdad and Ms. Jackson. Big record but not top 100 of all time.

    ‘Live through this’, wtf? 15 or so albums per decade and Hole makes it? No Nine Inch Nails or Janes Addiction instead? Hell, Alice In Chains ‘Dirt’ was a better album and more influential.

    Given the amount of albums per time period I can see ‘Master’ over ‘Ride’.

    I’m sorry. I have no problem with black people but Kanye West shouldn’t be on here. Enimem – meh. You can plead your case on Enimem but I’ll probably just give in to get you to shut up.

  6. Anonymous

    What, no Doolittle?

  7. JDTZR

    What, no Frehley’s Comet?

    You want real comedy, read some of the individual album descriptions. For example, it’s apparent that Josh Tyrffnnhddjkkl has never bothered to actually listen to Led Zep IV.

  8. Mo!

    I usually refrain from commenting on lists, but not one Brian Jones-era Stones album? Did these guys even hear “Aftermath” or “Let it Bleed”?

  9. drjimmy11

    there is a lot I could say, all these lists are silly and this one isn’t THAT bad despite some of the glaring omissions listed above. Well the 2000s section is pretty silly all around, but oh well.

    Radiohead album and one REM album pre-1992 for any best of list to be considered legitimate by the more snobbish musical people?

    If you think liking Radiohead and REM makes you a music snob, you’re doing music snobbery wrong. Maybe it makes you a snob by the standards of Puddle of Mudd fans…

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