The Journey Of Bono’s Hat: Alas, This Is The Most Interesting News Story Of The Day

Nov 15th, 2006 // 3 Comments

After a mildly intense court battle–one that was followed closely by those in the Irish haberdashery industry–a court has ordered U2′s former stylist to return several articles of clothing from the group’s 1987 tour, including Bono’s famed Stetson hat (not pictured). The stylist, Lola Cashman, claimed the items were a gift from the band; U2 claims otherwise, but considering the circumstances in which Cashman came into posession of the clothes, we’re guessing their memory is a bit fuzzy:

During the appeal hearing, she claimed Bono was running around in his underwear backstage at the Sun Devil Stadium in Arizona on the last night of the tour when she asked him for the hat. The court was told he “plonked” it on her head…

U2 had been fighting with Ms Cashman over the ownership of a Stetson hat, a pair of metal hooped earrings, a green sweatshirt and a pair of black trousers.

After the verdict, said items were immediately boxed up and returned to their actual original owner.

U2 win battle against ex-stylist [BBC News]

  1. Wolverines

    He can forgive 3rd world debt, but he won’t forgive his stylist for making off with his cowboy hat?

  2. Nicolars

    She should be suing them. Imagine all of the Bono cooties the poor stylist received from said “plonking”…

  3. PengIn

    Unless you’re Indiana Jones, 20 years is too long to worry about retrieving a stolen hat.

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