Stuck On Repeat: Huckleberry’s “Morocco”

Nov 15th, 2006 // 5 Comments

Back around 1999, we loved to trawl the MP3 reserves of Vitaminic, a site that was kind of the European equivalent of eMusic. The company’s English-language sites have been dormant since last December; like the good pack rats we are, though, we’ve held on to some of our favorite files from back in the day. The Scottish band Huckleberry’s over-the-top romp “Morocco” was one of our most-played finds, and we still give it a spin when we want to add a little bit of foppishness to our day. Alas, the band’s name makes it somewhat difficult to Google–a ton of Mark Twain reference pages keep popping up in our search results–and Allmusic isn’t much help, either. Anyone feel like helping us solve a seven-year-old mystery?

Huckleberry – Morocco [MP3, link expired]
Huckleberry [Kaleidoscope Records]


  1. GOB

    I am dumb. What is the mystery?

  2. Jack Fear

    Boom and boom: those will do for starters.

    Looks like Huckleberry is a part-time thing, and only one of Galloway’s projects: his Wikipedia page mentions a band called the Deaf Mutes, but not Huckleberry; nor does his MySpace page. Maybe Huckleberry changed their name?

    Amazing song, anyway. That Hammond riff is a worldbeater.

  3. Ned Raggett

    A post over on ILX shows that James Yorkston went solo while Reuben Norman plays wit….

  4. Ned Raggett

    What the? That was weird. Plays with Yorkston and will have solo stuff out soon.

  5. John

    The band were excellent!! Late 1990′s right enough. I still peruse The Idiot EP, Pablo The Donkey and Living The Lives Of The Saints. Morrocco came later!!!

    1999 at the Venue Edinburgh. The keyboard player was mental.

    NOTHING online about this band. Disgrace.

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