“Rolling Stone” Blog Asks: Has Anyone Heard Of This Borat Guy?

For the last two days, Rolling Stone‘s abysmal blog–which is now nearly 17% readable–has been a non-stop cavalcade of Borat clips and Carol Channing references. We get the Channing love (Jann’s a big Hello, Dolly! fan), but Borat? After months of press, you’re only now getting to this movie? Why would you be hyping up Borat day after day unless there was some sort of….

Ah. Now we get it. Turns out Sacha Baron Cohen is on this week’s cover–two weeks after the movie opened, demonstrating that RS‘ cultural radar is just as finely honed as ever.

We’re guessing that the powers that be at Rolling Stone are trying to steer their writers toward a “less typin’, more hypin’” approach. And as much as we hate for the blogosphere to become one big marketing machine, anything that keeps those bloggers away from their keyboards–and back at the KinderCare classes where they belong–can’t help but be a good thing.

  • PengIn

    I remember when I thought Rolling Stone was cool. I also remember thinking that Weird Al’s “Eat It” was the greatest song recorded in the history of the earth. Now, only one of those things is even remotely true.

  • PengIn

    I just checked out the RS blog as I suspected that you were lying about the Carol Channing thing. Not only is it real, it’s easily the longest entry over on the hippest blog of 1997. The lesson, apparently, is do not doubt Idolator, lest you end up reading more than you ever wanted to about Carol Channing.

  • Chris Molanphy

    Not too defend RS too strenuously – I have a more elaborate theory about their cover, which I think is a major jinx (Howard Dean/John Kerry just before they lost their elections, Mariah Carey/Kanye West just before they lost the big Grammy) - but getting an out-of-character interview with Baron Cohen is quite a “get” for them. Not even the big MSM outlets could get him to drop the Borat shtick. They have a right to be hyping that, and they’re not too horribly late this time given that the movie is still #1 at the B.O. two weeks in.