Listening Station: Ponytail Ties Up Our Stereo

Nov 15th, 2006 // 3 Comments

ponytail.jpgA Baltimore-based tipster slipped us Kamehameha, the debut album by Charm City’s Ponytail, last night, and we’re kind of hooked on its 26 minutes of top-to-bottom spazzing out; like Deerhoof, they’ve got thick, sheeny guitars that burst into flurries of top-speed riffing, but vocalist Molly Siegel’s post-verbal outbursts, which recall animals from all over the Wild Kingdom, are what really sends this record over the edge for us.

Ponytail – Jammin’ On A Major Scale [MP3, link expired]
Ponytail – Start A Corporation [MP3, link expired]
Ponytail [MySpace]


  1. chaircrusher

    It’s pathetic that I’m always the guy finding the broken links. Pathetic for me that is.

  2. Maura Johnston

    doh. and for me!

  3. coolfer

    sloppy playing. worthless songs. no production value.

    the pro tools era…what a double-edged sword!

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