Idolator Asks: Has Anyone Heard Of These Hot Chip Guys?

Nov 15th, 2006 // 1 Comment

We promise to some day stop blabbering about Hot Chip–the British outfit that has seemingly written or remixed just about every blog-beloved single of the last few months–but today will not be that day: They’ve just put a new single on their MySpace page (it’s down for now, possibly because it’s been asphyxiated by the site’s busy web design), and The Smudge Of Ashen Fluff has just posted three new tracks from a recent appearance on Minnesota Public Radio. Normally, these in-studios are kinda dull, but Hot Chip always re-arrange their material for such events; they’ve probably inadvertantly recorded a new alternate version of their last two albums by now. Check this side-by-side comparison between a track from The Warning and its on-air counterpart:

Hot Chip – Careful [MP3, link expired]
Hot Chip – Careful (Live at MPR) [MP3, link expired]
Hot Chip Live At The Current [The Smudge of Ashen Fluff]
Hot Chip [MySpace]


  1. Anonymous

    oh come on. they weren’t just on mpr, they were on the current, aka possibly the best radio station in the country. fer serious. give them a listen sometime. commercial free, amazing djs, streaming online. in fact, when that cleveland/cincinnati radio station almost shut down a while back (i’m pretty sure you guys had a post on it), the current snagged one of their djs.

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