Idolator’s Instantly Outdated Guide To Internet Music: How To Build an MP3 Empire With EasyNews

Welcome to another installment of Idolator’s dumbed-down, semi-regular guide to finding the good stuff on the Internet. Today’s lesson covers EasyNews, which lets you search thousands of Usenet groups with ease. We know, we know: Sexy stuff. But trust us, it’ll be worth it.

STEP 1: Pony up
We try to keep all of our IIOGTIM entries focused on freebies, but if you want to use EasyNews, you’ll have to pay a monthly charge of $9.98; it covers 30 days, or 20 gigabytes, whichever comes first. You can sign up, try it out for a week, and then decide to pull out if you don’t like it.


STEP 2: Find your group
EasyNews is essentially a tool for finding and managing MP3s via Usenet groups–those online discussion outlets that are painstakingly categorized under such nifty titles as alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.indie or alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.complete_cd (two of our favorites). You can locate groups based around your specific interests with just a few keywords: “Mp3,” “indie,” “rosie o’donnell,” etc. Once you find a few you like, they’ll be added to your favorites page, and if you pick active groups, you’ll wake up every morning to anywhere from 15 to 150 new albums.


STEP 3: Scan and Search
The EasyNews interface may not be snazzy, but it is easy to use: If you’re looking for a certain song or artist, you can seek them out by searching individual groups, or you can just scroll through each group’s discussion listings until you find a record you want. EasyNews is especially good for new and recent releases, but you can also find watermark-free leaks, concerts, imports, and ample amounts of pornography. And while you can sometimes wait days or weeks for an unpopular torrent download to complete, files posted to these groups take just a few seconds to download.


STEP 4: Zip and Go
Once you’ve found something you like, click the box on the left, press “Zip” on the bottom of the page, and a file of compressed MP3s will appear on your ZipManager page. Just hit “download,” and the files will be expanded and downloaded to your hard drive. The whole thing is insanely simple.

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  • Gil Creque

    I’ve been using Easynews for 2 years now and I think their are some more features that need to be pointed out.

    First is the global search. 99.5% of the time that is what I’m using to find what I want on Easynews. I even added a keyword (ez) for doing the global search to Firefox. This will as it implies search ALL groups. You can of course restrict it even further by selecting the type of file you’re searching for and a plethora of other options.

    One of the other great feautres is the NZB and PAR file viewer. If the post on the newsgroup contains either of these files then it makes it much easier to grab an entire album. Once you click on the NZB/PAR viewer link it will open up a new page with all the files associated with just that post and allows you to select them and zip them up from there. To find the NZB and PAR files easier, just type either of those “NZB” or “PAR” in to the extensions field.

    The last feature is the sample files they automatically create so that you can make sure that’s the song you want.

  • deusdiabolus

    I remember Usenet access being free once upon a time. Or am I just getting old in my mid 30s?

  • ghacks

    Usenet access is still provided by some ISPs free of charge. Next to that there are open usenet servers that everyone can use and of course, Google groups.

    You will not be able to access the binary part of the Usenet for free unless you have a provider who adds this as a service as well. They normally do not because this means a big increase in costs. (About 2,8 TB of Data is uploaded to the Usenet every day).

    The main benefits are: Speed (download with full speed), no sharing (you do not need to upload like you do when you use P2P networks), and better privacy. (no one but the usenet provider is seeing your IP)

    Drawbacks are that you have to pay for accessing it. I recommend Giganews and not Easynews by the way, they do offer a flatrate for $19,99 per month with SSL option.

  • mattt

    Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

    Please, it’s nearly all we have left. Soon, they will know ALL the secrets, and they will be gone.

  • bambino

    @mattt: All( Oink!ed out, huh?