All Up In MySpace: The Making Of The Scene Aesthetic

Nov 15th, 2006 // Comment

tsa.jpgWelcome to All Up In MySpace, where we look at bands in the upper echelons of the buggy social-networking site’s unsigned bands chart. Today, we look at the shaggy Washington duo The Scene Aesthetic, which has been hanging tough in the indie chart’s top 10 for quite a while.

Name: The Scene Aesthetic.
Number of MySpace Friends: 151,553.
Influences: Finch, John Mayer, and whoever set up their shopping cart software.
Sounds like: Placid acoustic pop with two harmonizing-guy singers. Be warned, though: One dude has some suspiciously Ani DiFranco-esque vocal tics.
Sample comment from a friend: “i checked playradioplay’s myspace and it says that the december 7th show is in NYC at the knitting factory. and im so upset cause i saw youre guys myspace first and thought that you were actually coming to long island, ny for once. you should reeeeeallly come here. :["
Can they be famous ... off the Internet? Perhaps. They've gained press attention for their e-commercial ways and millions of MySpace plays, and their album has sold just over 10,000 copies; we suspect that the ever-important adorable factor will be at work, as their MySpace page shows that they have many a teenaged girl swooning. And if the music thing doesn't work out, there's always licensing--even though they've only been a band since last year, they've already designed enough cute T-shirts to clothe their entire buddy list.

The Scene Aesthetic [MySpace]


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