The Killers: When You Were Young, You Said Stupid Things, Too

Nov 15th, 2006 // 17 Comments

thatpoorbird.jpgAnother day, another head-slapping Brandon Flowers interview:This one’s from the December isssue of Spin, which features the band on the cover, dressed like cowboy hobo bozos (that dove’s departing quote, by the way, was “SQWAK! LET ME LEAVE PLEASE! SQWAK! “DEVIL’S WATER IS NOT SO SWEET”?? SO HAM-FISTED! SQWAK!”) The story’s not online yet, but we’ve read it using our ObNoxioquoteFinder(TM), and found the best parts:

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  1. drjimmy11

    I vote for #1 with a caveat.

    If, in #2, he means he thinks he will inspire very famous and successful musicians to want to do better, than that is the most pretentious. But if by “people like Bono” he literally means “people like Bono”, than it’s not so bad.

  2. mike a

    I have to go with #3. Dude: evoking faux-Springsteen imagery when you’re anyone but Springsteen makes you sound like the Fonz. The other three are nothing that any other up-and-coming hopefuls haven’t said.

  3. King of Pants

    To quote Todd Levin, “I wish I had a gun with SHUT-THE-FUCK-UP bullets right about now.”

  4. Miss Tanya

    Hey Idolator, maybe you should start running Killers stories on the “who gives a shit” blog.

  5. PengIn

    With the dearth of Tommy Lee stories, I need frequent reports on the asininity of the Killers to keep my pointless rage at a sufficiently high level.

  6. mickeyprecious

    What’s with the fool releasing the dove. He looks like the love child of “All in the Family”-era Rob Reiner and David Berkowitz.

    That means he is one UGLY mofo! They should ditch him and hire Jojo. The young girl – not the penis-exhibiting r&b crooner.

    Actually, that’s a funny thought. Did you ever consider the possiblity of a trendy LA restaurant taking a reservation under “Jojo,” garnishing the table with pink lace and edamame, and then being shocked senseless when a smooth brotha in lennon glasses walks up with his schlong in his hands. Man, they wouldn’t know what to do!

  7. Nicolars

    That cover makes them look like the Eagles with brain damage.

  8. aaliquo

    what a douchebag.

  9. Matthew Perpetua

    The Killers ongoing public meltdown is very entertaining!

  10. Wasp vs Stryper

    Maybe he can give an exclusive about marrying an Urban Outfitters manager, wearing tuxedo t-shirts and hanging out with self loving bloggers to for their remedial education and personal sanitation issue.

    I love how The Killers will be famous for finding ways to make what could be very good songs corny and stupid. Or inspiring girls in 7 jeans at Marquee to dance like idiots.

  11. Cheap Shot

    What about the recent comment he made about how he would hold the new album up against “OK Computer” and some other huge record I can’t recall.

    I say to myself, how did a band with the lamest name become so big?

  12. Juancho

    Nice mustaches, all around. And an article written by Dave Itzkoff, of all people.

    SPIN gets worse every month. Last month, their reviews section had a page with the “*s” replaced by *Hs”. Is anyone editing copy over there?

  13. millwhistle

    “the best ever death metal band out of denton
    never settled on a name / but the top three contenders, after weeks of debate, were satan’s fingers, and the killers, and the hospital bombers.”

    the mountain goats, “the best ever death metal band in denton.” from back in 2002.

    I have seriously entertained the thought of starting a killers cover band called “satan’s fingers.”

  14. mackro

    Brandon looks like Meathead from “All In The Family”. The ladies say “haute”.

  15. SirLoin

    I for one admire the dude’s balls. Maybe it’s because some part of me wants to see another band get as big as Nirvana again. Well, yeah, it won’t be the Killers, but whatever. Dare to dream.

  16. We Don't Live in the 60s

    How does this guy not get punched repeatedly as he walks down the street?

  17. We Don't Live in the 60s

    How does this guy not get punched repeatedly as he walks down the street?

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