Glenn Danzig Returns For A Very, Very Limited Engagement

Nov 15th, 2006 // 9 Comments

glennpic.jpgBecause we’re such good buds with ex-Misfits singer Glenn Danzig, we were shocked to read this on LiveDaily this afternoon:

Fans who’d like to catch Glenn Danzig’s “Blackest of the Black” tour this year will have to come to him; he’s sticking to West Coast stages because he prefers to only tour within driving or short flying distance of his California home.

“I want to do shows where I feel like I won’t be wasting my whole day away,” Danzig said. “You’re on stage for only two hours a night. The rest of the day, I’m stuck in a hotel or a bus or something. This way, it’s only two weeks. Pretty much, if I can’t fly home in an hour or two, I can drive home. I think it will be much easier for me to do…I’m not going to be able to do any shows in the Midwest or on the East Coast until I can figure out a way to do that in a way that I don’t hate it.”

We asked Glenn for a comment, and just received this email:

whats up idolaters. hope all is well. i am at home in cali, just hanging out and trying to get my sea monkeys tank to work right. did you ever get those? they look like baco bits and then you put them in water and they move around before they stop moving. i think one of my two weener (sp?) dogs is eating them or paying them to keep quiet. ???

anyway, you asked why i stay near home. basically i have a small back patio garden and two seasons of rescue me on the tivo, and i like to stay near what i know, understand? plus the old lady makes a mean glass of lemonade. haaa.

Danzig’s ‘Blackest’ tour stays close to home [LiveDaily]

  1. Cheap Shot

    I saw his place when I was in Los Angeles. He has a purple camaro parked in the driveway.

  2. titanica

    That *was* a cheap shot.

  3. Ted Striker

    I still can’t believe that Danzig types like a 14 year old girl from Myspace.

  4. rinjonjori

    if that was Danzig… it’s pretty cool response

  5. sXenester

    Danzig’s just afraid of going anywhere the North Side Kings have played lately.

  6. noremac

    do you think he gets paid for every grenade fiend jacket that gets sold?

  7. aaliquo

    DAMN! I wish he’d come to nyc! He didn’t come off too evil in that email though, hmmm… and what’s this about his old lady making him lemonade?

  8. SirLoin

    He better make sure he has a big stash of Ensure with him on tour. Sorry, make that Eeeevvviiill Ensure.

  9. SirLoin

    Glenn better stock up on the Ensure before heading out on the road. Oops, I’m sorry – “EEEEVVVIIILLLL Ensure!”

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