Michael Jackson: He Will Remember The Fifteenth Of November

Nov 16th, 2006 // 6 Comments

Say what you will about Jacko, but at last night’s World Music Awards in London, he proved he’s still got it. Not musical skills, mind you; those were pretty much shot the moment he started trying to out-macho Chris Tucker in his music videos. No, the WMAs proved that in a world full of meltdowntrodden celebs, no one can bring it like our coconuts Captain Eo: Dressing up like the guy from V For Vendetta? That’s Michael. Singing a woefully out-of-tune version of “We Are The World”? Michael! Obliviously surrounding himself on a stage full of screaming children? You know it! America can have all the Britneys and Lohans and Kim Jong Ils it wants, but this guy will always be our most indefensible ding-a-ling.

(Not-so-great footage of the performance is here; amazingly, they piped in pre-recorded voices of the rest of the “We Are The World” gang, because everyone knows Lauper won’t do her “woah woah woah”s in person for under six figures).

Michael Jackson comeback gig “a flop,” reviews say [Reuters]


  1. Leto

    Witty. I’ll give you an A-.

  2. Ned Raggett


  3. The Mozfather

    Holy Crap. The level of hysteria among the concert-goers was insane. Do they not see the same gaunt, death-like face croaking out three lines of “We Are the World” that I do?

  4. Anonymous

    What I don’t understand is that Michael Jackson was huge when I was a kid, so yes, a lot of kids worshipped him (a lot of kids also wore parachute pants). How is it that there are still hordes of youngsters in that same overzealous state of fandom, 20 years later? Are their parents teaching it to them?

  5. mike a

    Wait – so Jacko enters the stage for a couple of minutes, mingles with the kids, sings a few lines of “We Are The World” and that’s it? Don’t call it a comeback. Literally, don’t.

  6. Anonymous

    Does anyone else find the 5 o’clock mustache Jacko’s sporting as disturbing as I do? Because how is it that he has no chin hair to complement it?

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