Long Island Party Rockers Send Philly Indie Outfit Packing

Nov 16th, 2006 // 7 Comments

wrobschneider.jpgThe Philadelphia swirl-rock outfit Mazarin is breaking up, thanks in part to a litigious Long Island-based band with the same name (pictured, at left, with “funnyman” Rob Schneider) that put out two singles in the 1980s:

Between 1999 and 2006, every time things would start looking up for MAZARIN B, MAZARIN A would find out. By late 2005, MAZARIN A for reasons unknown had had enough. MAZARIN A hired an attorney who formally issued a cease and desist. Considering MAZARIN B was tirelessly touring the United States and Europe, building the name MAZARIN (ohh the irony), with barely two pennies to rub together, the band was without the resources to retaliate.

MAZARIN B’s first suggestion to resolve the situation was to allow both bands to co-exist. MAZARIN B was more than happy to share the market. MAZARIN A and their attorney, to no surprise, weren’t having it. In their opinion, they were the only Mazarin, in fact – “Rock and Roll Legends of Long Island.”

Your Long Island-born Idolator had never heard of these self-proclaimed Legends, so we decided to search out their music; their MySpace page reveals that they have approximately 5,100 fewer friends than their Philly-based namesakes–and, like many bands hailing from Billy Joel’s backyard, their sound is a keen blend of Bon Jovi and Huey Lewis and the News.

Mazarin – Wheats [MP3, link expired]
MAZARIN (reluctantly) RETIRES – offers free download on myspace as consulation [Mazarin (Philly) MySpace blog]
Mazarin (Long Island) [MySpace]

  1. umlaut75


    Band looking for a reason to break up. Want to cite reason other than “we are twats”. If they are really so succesful and wanted to keep going, there are options. Example — The formerly wonderfully named REO Speeddealer had to change to just Speeddealer. Now that worked out didn’t it?

    Okay, that wasn’t a great example, but did Suede pack it in because they couldn’t use their name in the US? Well, mostly, but that’s not the point.

    Still, I believe that if they wanted to keep going for reals, they could have amended their name to something close and catchy to the original. Maz-zy Star has a nice ring to it. What? Oh, never mind. Perhaps it is best they broke up.

  2. BawstonSean

    Neither of ‘em got sh*t on Long Islands’ finest – VANILLA MOTHERF*CKIN FUDGE! Hell, their not even up to the level of The Good Rats…and that’s sayin’ somethin’.

  3. Maura Johnston

    BawstonSean–how do you feel about Attila?

  4. BawstonSean

    uh, i meant to say “they’re not even…”. I should know better – no vitriolic comments before I’ve had at least two cups of coffee…

  5. BawstonSean

    Attila? Pretty cool, possibly the coolest thing that Billy Joel ever did, but not nearly as good as Vanilla Fudge. VF may have the worst name EVER, but they are bad-ass beyond belief.

  6. JackieTreehorn

    That’s too bad. I caught them by complete happenstance at 9:30 in D.C. this summer because we were doing a photo shoot there. Really liked them.

  7. Deadly Tango

    Ooh, more trademark fun and games. It’s entirely possible that as long as MazaPhil didn’t market itself in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, they’d be OK — but that gives MazLI too much credit.

    A Registry of Band Names might help (administered by … the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? Experience Music Project? WIPO? RIAA?), but then you’d get into debates about how close two names can be without unfairly competing, and whether one can register a name (and claim dibs against all later arrivals) for having a self-released MP3 or cassette or MySpace page, and all that jazz we already have with normal trademarks. Still, there are days (like this one) when I’d much rather be running the Registry and endlessly mocking the latest registrants.

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