NME To Decorate Shiny Brown Turd’s Store With Glittery Superlatives

Nov 16th, 2006 // Comment

Hypetastic British magazine NME has inked a content partnership with Microsoft’s Zune Marketplace, allowing the few people who were able to install their software to peruse NME-curated playlists and material from the archives. Our daily glances at the NME have raised one question for us: Will this lead to next-Brit-things like the Fratellis, who don’t currently have a record out in the States, having their material available at Zune’s store? And if not, well, what’s the point of this partnership, exactly–making sure that every Suede album in the shop has breathless prose attached?

NME to provide branded content for Microsoft’s Zune [New Media Age]
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