Information Leafblower’s Blogger Top 40 Confirms Our Worst Fears

Nov 16th, 2006 // 17 Comments

il.gifInformation Leafblower’s Top 40 Bands In America list, which surveyed 25 bloggers about their favorite American musicians, came out yesterday; the full list of nominated bands, which inexplicably includes Stellastarr*, is here. Don’t go looking for too much outside the guitar-dude realm; IL proprietor Kyle Gustafson prefaced the list by saying, “I’ve emailed dance bloggers and hip-hop guys in years past and never get a response, so I didn’t even bother this year. Get over it.” So the list is heavy on rock-crit standbys (Bob Dylan, Wilco, Sleater-Kinney) and next-blog-things in wait (Lavender Diamond, Aberdeen City). We do have to give Gustafson credit, though, for using a totally cute piece of nature’s clip art to illustrate the list, which we’ve broken down further below:

Number of hip-hop artists: 4. But that’s only if you count Timbaland, Danger Mouse, and Ryan Adams.
Earliest point in the list when we said, “Whaaaa?”: No. 8, occupied by the Corgan-biting Silversun Pickups. (Seriously, who voted for those jokesrs? We want names.)
Artists who, it seems, made the list based on anticipation over what they might do in 2007: 4. It’s never too early to get that blog buzz going!
Percentage of Cat Power commenters who used a play on the title of The Greatest in their description of the record: 100.
Number of Track Marks-featured bands on the list: 0. We’re a little surprised that “Weird Al” Yankovic didn’t make the cut.
Number of Zune-featured artists on the list: 1.
Number of deluded commenters decrying the Strokes’ absence from the list: 1.
Description that never made us want to listen to music again: “Their ‘Ghostface Observatory’ mashup, which combines Ghostface with Ghostland Observatory, is easily the greatest mashup I’ve ever heard.”

The Top 40 Bands in America – 2006 Edition [Information Leafblower]


  1. gorillavsbear

    the list is a little misleading, in that each blogger nominated their top 10, and not top 40. plus, he made it clear NOT to nominate who you think are the 10 best bands, only the 10 you posted on most frequently. for the record, my list (not in order):

    joanna newsom, ghostface, beach house, tapes ‘n tapes, sufjan, midlake, clipse, grizzly bear, peter & the wolf, TVOTR.

  2. drjimmy11

    TV on the Radio? good lord! Awful, awful, awful unlistenable awful crap.

  3. PengIn

    Information Leafblower has been added to my enemies list.

  4. Catbirdseat

    I responded to ILB’s request for entries, but I was only able to come up with three names I felt strongly enough to stand behind, considering the title of that list. My list was: (1.)The Fiery Furnaces, (2.) The Wrens, (3.) The Mountain Goats, (4. – 10.)n/a

  5. information leafblower

    Duly noted. I’ll be sure to start looking over my shoulder in public.

    I must say I expected you guys to rip me (and the list) much harder than this. I’m a bit disappointed.

  6. DCeiver

    I voted for the Silversun Pickups, but then, I’m not some sort of a pussy, like whoever voted for Tapes N’ Tapes–the band that makes your iPod sound like a Zune!

  7. Bob Loblaw

    “The band that makes your iPod sound like a Zune” is the nerdiest music-blog smackdown in the short, nerdy history of music blogs.

  8. Bjork Rhymes With Pork

    Why hate on Silversun Pickups? Idolator always seems to be jonseing for that back-in-the-day shit; wouldn’t a Gish-biting record make you feel better than whatever Lily Allen song we’ll forget about tomorrow?

  9. defendme

    I agree, where did all the Silversun hate come from? Pitchfork brutally called them out in the PLUG awards nominees announcement earlier this week and now this.

    But everyone is totally down with the Hold Steady, America’s most pretentious bar band.

  10. lucasg

    oh, bloggers. you so crazy!

  11. brianp

    The Decemberists? The Hold Steady? That’s gross.

  12. aggrobitch

    at least they got TVOTR, Grizzly Bear and Joanna Newsom right.

  13. Jeff Weiss

    Seriously guys…if you’re picking 10 acts from 07, what other hip-hop acts besides Ghostface would anyone pick. Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble but Lil Wayne and the Clipse aren’t good. They aren’t terrible, but they’re far from great. And if no one believes me I have copies of Only Built for Cuban Linx and Liquid Swords to send you. If P-fork hadn’t hyped them to no end, no one would even bother mentioning their names. Both acts can rap but their lyrics are abysmal and it would be ridiculous for me or anyone for that matter to put them in a top 10 list despite having chorus’ that basically only go “Bitch I’m so Trill.”

    With that in mind, here was my list
    10. Voxtrot, 9. Comets on Fire, 8. The Black Keys, 7. Beirut 6. Grizzly Bear 5. The Decemberists 4. The Raconteurs 3. My Morning Jacket 2. Ghostface 1. The Hold Steady

    And you guys really need to stop hating on the Silversun Pickups. They aren’t mindblowing or anything but they’re a good band that has built up a fan base out here,not based off of any absurdly inflated blog hype, but out of just being a fun live act. Leave that elitist condescension to P-fork. It’s funny how a lot of blog bands gets knocked for having sub-par lyrics (and granted the Pickups aren’t exactly Shakespeare) but I don’t see anyone attacking The Rapture and yes TV on the Radio for having average at best lyrics. Or even Animal Collective whose lyrics have about as much depth as a tube of toothpast. Just something to think about. However, I do agree #7 for the Pickups was a bit high.

  14. Jeff Weiss

    I meant 06…carry on.

  15. aggrobitch

    what the hell everyone sees in the hold steady has got to be the biggest mystery of 06 to me.

    absolutely abysmal band on so many different levels.

  16. mikeill

    #1 Chrome Children. HipHop. ’06. –

    #2 Aloe Blacc. HipHop. ’06. –

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