Spin’s Year-End Cover Round-Up: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

This post is a conflict-of-interest nightmare, but it can’t be avoided: This is from the magazine’s year-end online poll, in which they ask readers to pick the best and worst covers. Hmmmm. Let’s see: Do any of these covers stand out as particularly egregious? The kind that would make corporate owners ring the alarm, say, and cause a guy to lose his job? Anyone?

2006 Spin Readers Poll [Spin]

  • Jupiter8

    Wow I love TV Guide but I didn’t know they changed the name of it.

  • cerulgalactus

    It was the fact that The Killers were featured twice in the same year, wasn’t it.

  • IMsorry

    The last time I saw this much shit on a magazine cover was when I was living in Moscow in 1997

  • IMsorry

    The last time I saw this much shit on magazine covers was when I was living in Moscow in 1997

  • spinachdip

    Well, the Gnarls Barkley guys are black. That’s about all I can think of.

  • lucasg

    well, i am old, so many of these folks i recognize as pop radio stars, but a former member of destiny’s child doesn’t have all that terribly much with the rest of them, at least as far as the particular demographic the others might be marketed towards.

  • Clare

    I have a subscription to Spin (feel free to throw things at me, I know I deserve it) and the subscribers’ covers are much, much cleaner. There isn’t nearly as much drop shadow or columns of text down the sides of the cover.

  • Jack Fear

    Nothing wrong with any of those covers, nope. Say, that Johnny Knoxville record is great, isn’t it?

  • tankboy

    I like how as soon as the guy got canned, I mean quit, the cover began to look EXACTLY like Q.

  • Chris Molanphy

    The Beyoncé cover may be what got him fired, but it’s hardly the first time SPIN has put an incongruous pop tart on the cover. Witness the Natalie Imbruglia cover from ’98, so infamous that for several years the SPINsters called that award in the readers’ poll the “Natalie Imbruglia Memorial Worst Cover Award,” or something.

    And then there was the Matchbox 20 cover around 2000 or so, when even the barest shred of their “alternative” cred was long gone.

    And, oh yeah, the immortal Jesse Camp cover from around ’97 or so. Egads, remember that? Ah, 8th Street Kidz, we hardly knew ye.

    Anyway, to be fair, this year’s worst cover isn’t the Beyoncé. It’s Knoxville. I have nothing against the guy per se, but why he keeps popping up in the music rags I read is sort of beyond me.

  • Ken Phelps

    Putting the pretty lady who sings for The Raconteurs on the cover was a blatant sell-out move.

  • cerulgalactus

    Why are we even fussin’ and fightin’ over Spin of all things – stupid rag hasn’t been worth shit since 92.

  • nh_dave

    The jesse camp wikipedia entry is worthy of a look. He no longer works at the pet shop as of 11/10/06.

    Are the killers the most overhyped band since the strokes?

  • xvii

    I believe they are, but look at all the artists on the cover (with exception of that ass Knoxville and Beyonce). All of them are incredibly hyped, but has any truely delivered? One could argue Thom Yorke, Jack White but all of the people on these covers is overrated crap.

    And who said you can’t judge a book (or rag) by its cover?

  • J DTZR

    …and don’t forget the Creed cover, featuring a greasier-than-usual Scott Stapp

  • OMGeorge

    Stroeks? White Stripes? Triple Yeahs?

    2001 is back!

  • allboutit

    “but why he keeps popping up in the music rags I read is sort of beyond me.”

    Amen to that.

    Still, I’d much rather read a feature on a guy who has a drug problem(s) and may have fucked Jessica Simpson than anything having to do with Beyonce. Who in their right mind would think any Spin reaader (let alone any reader) gives a shit what Beyonce has to say about ANYTHING? A good singer, sure, but she is stupid and boring. Way to go Andy P. Your legacy lives on….

  • ArmyofJuan

    “but why he keeps popping up in the music rags I read is sort of beyond me.”

    I don’t think Spin is much of a music rag anymore, as just a rag.