Yet Another Leak Of The Day: Jay-Z Disses Jim Jones, Reps For Brooklyn

Nov 16th, 2006 // 2 Comments

Sure, Kingdom Come leaked earlier this week, but there are still new Jay-Z songs to be unearthed; here’s “Brooklyn High,” where Jay takes on Dipset member Jim Jones. Jay reworks and brightens Jones’ “We Fly High” on this track, turning Jones’ exclamations of “ballin’” into shout-outs to his home borough.

Jay-Z – Brooklyn High [MP3, link removed; via Nah Right]


  1. ogz

    weak diss. all he’s got is a lame rucker reference? and 100K first week sales on Koch>>>>400K on Def Jam.

  2. ens3000

    Ogz is right, he didn’t even come close to bodying Jim on this joint.

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