Former Music-Magazine Bigwig Now Slumming It As Music Blogger

Nov 17th, 2006 // 17 Comments

pembo.jpgYou won’t find his name on the site, but Andy Pemberton–the former editor-in-chief of Spin and Q, and current talking head on VH1′s Still Talkin’ Bout Those Crazy ’80s–has been semi-anonymously blogging on a site he’s calling MusicToob. And since this a guy who took such glee in axing members of the Spin staff surely he must be a first-rate music writer himself, right? Let’s take a look at his intro post:

This site is designed to bring you the best music videos available on the web. There will also be some accompanying text which, hopefully, will be illuminating. I hope you like it. Here’s one to get started. Like a Benjamin Britten poem set to music, it’s a song that tells you everything you need to know about the mix of wistfulness and melancholy England can inspire…

And blimeny gee, does it only get worse from there. Check the site for such mind-blowing revelations as “The Beatles: Good!” and “The Walkmen: I don’t like them, but here’s a video!”

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  1. Jack Fear

    Sweet Jesus. In the Beatles entry, he talks about “their pre-fame, Reeperbahn days” as being the time when “as a live band, they were at their kiss-ass best.”

    Kiss-ass. I swear to God.

  2. The Mozfather

    Awww…don’t be too hard on him. Not all of us can be expected to use non-cliched adjectives and make non-trite observations.

  3. Ned Raggett

    Like a Benjamin Britten poem set to music

    Oh the abject ABJECT stupidity. Yeah, it was poetry that was gaining him fame there; if only Britten knew how to write music! Too bad he never got around to that!

  4. rad_matter

    Kiss-ass? Please tell me that’s a typo. You can’t call the Beatles kiss-ass and expect a slot on the next VH1 music countdown show (if there is a next VH1 music countdown show).

  5. TroubleonWheels

    I *heart* Andy Pemberton and vow to cut anyone who dares besmirch his name.

  6. MTS

    Misread as “Like a Benjamin Bratt poem set to music”, which scared the fuck out of me.

  7. The Playlist


  8. mike a

    The speed-addled John Lennon of the Beatles’ Hamburg days would’ve kicked Pemberton’s ass for that typo (and I’m guessing that’s what “kiss-ass” was).

  9. joe bananas

    Not all of us can be expected to use non-cliched adjectives and make non-trite observations.

    are you serious with this? because it’s ridiculous. “non-cliched” is one thing. impossible to parse, overly-cute, fake-witty and generally inscrutable is another. don’t defend poor writing on the basis of it being “non-cliched.” thanks.

  10. drjimmy11

    I haven’t set eyes on “regular” (non-Classic) VH1 in like 6 years, ever since “Behind the Music” became so obviously formulaic and a promotional vehicle for groups with a new album out.

    this shit reminds me why:

    “still Talkin’ Bout Those Crazy ’80s??”

    how about:
    “still can’t shut the fuck up about the 80s”
    “still manufacturing nostalagia about the 80s”
    “still promoting cliches about the 80s that weren’t even very funny in The Wedding Singer eight years ago”

  11. The Mozfather

    I was being sarcastic.

  12. joe bananas

    okay. i am generally cranky today. comment officially rescinded, with apologies.

  13. BawstonSean

    Marvellously Sullen? The Specials?!? Ol’ Pembo obviously has his head AND his thesaurus lodged firmly up his ass…

  14. The Mozfather

    No problem, Mr Bananas. No offence taken. But I do think we should cement this blossoming friendship over some hookers and blow. With you buying, of course.

  15. The Playlist

    He responded and i don’t think he knows how to use the interweb.

    Here’s a big thanks to self-hating music blog Idolator for the free publicity. You can read their story about this humble site here, if you feel like it:… (*you can’t actually click on this to get to Idolator and have to copy and paste if you were to get there from his site) And you’re right, “kiss ass” was a literal. Thankyou for being so eagle-eyed.

  16. shallowrewards

    A genuininely exciting moment. (sic)

  17. MTS

    Man, a Pemberton response AND the appearance of Ott? I must have slept straight through to Christmas.

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