Ghostface Killah Aims To Make It To The Lower Tiers Of The Nielsen Ratings

For those of you who ever wondered what would happen if one of the stars of the Wu-Tang Clan teamed up with one of the stars of Viva Rock Vegas, your mescaline-enhanced dreams have been fufilled, as Ghostface made a brief cameo on the way-underrated 30 Rock last night. You can watch the whole episode for free here; Ghostface’s bit is in part four, but if you skip ahead, you’ll miss Tracy Morgan’s concise analysis of George Will.

Ghostface – God To God (featuring Sun God) [MP3, link expired; via Nah Right]
30 Rock []

  • brianp

    I’ve got to start watching that show. Thanks for the link.

  • spinachdip

    Jenna and Ghostface Killah and Yo Yo Ma to the stage, please for “Muffin Top”

    I started watching the show last week and it’s been a pleasant surprise. Alec Baldwin’s on point.

  • Brian Raftery

    I also just started watching last week. I wish Rachel Dratch was on the show more often–and I sometimes worry that Tracy Morgan’s job consists solely of showing up, saying something nutty, and leaving–but it’s really funny.

    “Live every week like it’s Shark Week.”

  • Chris Molanphy

    It’s amazing how perceptions change.

    During their respective premiere weeks, Studio 60 was nearly pitch-perfect and totally pulse-pounding, while 30 Rock felt contrived and undercooked.

    Within two weeks, Studio 60 became insufferable and lost all dramatic interest. And 30 Rock found its voice and became the New York-comedy scene cousin to The Office: snarky, fast, wry. I hope it sticks around. (Studio 60 can go jump off a cliff for all I care.)

    Did you see Tina Fey on The Daily Show this week? She looked great, but the whole interview felt like a desperate bid to get people to watch. (Jon Stewart sounded like he’d been coached on how many times to plug 30R‘s new airtime.) The ratings are heartbreaking, ‘cuz the show’s finally hitting its stride. Hopefully the move to Thursday and pair-up with The Office will give it the boost it needs.