Listening Station: Mouthing Off On Girl Talk

Nov 17th, 2006 // 8 Comments

girltalk.jpgThe consensus on Pittsburgh’s Girl Talk (pictured here with the Cowardly Lion) appears to be split into two camps: Either he’s a sublime mash-up artist, or an overrated sample-hack. Thepunkguy has a somewhat-newish GT track up today, and while we never turn up our noses at a Phil Collins sample, we can’t help but wonder if the market for ironically reworked ’80s pop is all but dried up. Seeing as GT’s Night Ripper will likely find its way on some year-end lists, we ask for a sampling of your thoughts.

Girl Talk – Pure Magic [MP3, link expired; via Thepunkguy]
Girl Talk [MySpace]


  1. xtianrut

    Anybody remember that DJs have done this shit live for years? The Beat Junkies, Invizibl Skratch Piklz, Skratch Perverts, Radar & Z-Trip… the list goes on. If you’ve seen those guys do it live, compu-noodling like this just doesn’t hold up. This does sound better than 99% of the beats making it to the radio these days though… Man, how the sample laws have fucked up the art. Bring back the days of sample artists like Terminator X, Hurricane (Beasties), Dust Bros. God, I’m dating myself here…

  2. kennethnoisewater

    this is new in the sense that someone mp3′d a 7inch i guess.
    it isn’t as sustained as night ripper (e.g. those spastic, one second clips of songs in between the longer mashing).

  3. quincyhoist

    I dunno, in my opinion if Gregg Gillis is Girl Talk then Jason Forrest is Chess.

    But this stuff all gives me vertigo pretty quickly, so maybe I need to up my Sparks intake before passing judgement.

  4. Jeff Weiss

    overrated hack and the man behind the most headache inducing album of 06…just when i thought the Ying Yang Twins couldn’t get worse.

  5. drjimmy11


    Anyone who is still referencing things “ironically” needs to hop in the time machine back to 1992. it was stupid back then too, but at least a lot of people were doing it, so you blended in more.

    Seriously, why would you ever cover/sample a BAD SONG??? There are millions of good songs. People like good songs more than bad ones. Retarded. {I actually dont hear what 80s pop song is being ironically referenced; I hear a bunch of newer stuff, but then I didnt listen to the whole thing)

  6. drjimmy11

    my second comment today gets lost in the infinite “sending comment” loop.

    I don’t feel like retyping it all, but the genreal gist of it was this:


  7. Clare

    I used to live in Pittsburgh, and I hung out with a lot of scenester musician types. I’m a little chagrined that I don’t like this better because I probably got drunk with Gregg Gillis while I was living there.

  8. thepunkguy

    I was the one who just posted this originally and I am in the middle of downloading all my 45′s to MP3 so that is why it is new to some.

    Also, I don’t think anyone else has done a posting of that song yet.

    Strangely enough, I would say SEE him live, with a dancing partner compared to listening to the cd.

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