Outro: Looking Back At A Week That Made Us Tilt Our Head And Smile From Ear To Ear

Nov 17th, 2006 // Comment

- Michael Jackson’s UK Hall Of Fame concert + unfettered access to photo archives = so many hours of distraction. [Photo: Getty Images]
- Unlikely couple of the year: The hot chick from Gilmore Girls and the ugly chick from Nickelback.
- Everyone on the internet is looking for a certain bear–no, not that kind of bear.
- Let’s see how the music-mag world’s most consistent upwards-failer manages to spin this embarrassing recent development.
- Lily Allen resorts to dirty tricks in order to replace Jenny Lewis as the music-blogger crush object.
- Speaking of music bloggers, we must again ask: Who knew they were so opinionated?
- If you guys hate the Killers so much, how come you won’t stop talking about them?
- Hip-hop started out in the heart; now everybody’s trying to chart. And they’re all failing.
- It cost us 30 bucks and took three hours, but we still think this post was worth it.
- How did you celebrate Zune week? We spent the whole time trying to find up new ways of saying “shiny,” “brown” and “turd.”
- Guns N’ Roses fans keep Jersey proud.
- And one more time, for old time’s sake: Hairdresser!

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