Weekend News Round-Up: In Which We Describe Just What The Hell Is Going On In This Photo

Nov 20th, 2006 // Comment

(Pictured: Kid Rock, Carmen Electra, and Jay Mohr participate in an uncomfortable re-creation of the The Last Supper at HBO’s Comedy Festival; courtesy of Getty Images)

- In a turn of events too wondrous and inane to be boiled down into a two-sentence joke, the Game was arrested Thursday night for impersonating an undercover police officer. [AP]
- Universal filed a copyright-infringement suit against MySpace late on Friday, claiming that the site’s users are illegally incorporating Universal-owned songs into their personal pages. The label claims that the suit was prompted in part by the leak of Jay-Z’s Kingdom Come, which makes sense, since its one of the few Universal records that anyone would want to buy this year. [WSJ]
- Speaking of Jay-Z, he and his chunky oversized sunglasses performed seven live shows in seven cities on Saturday. [BBC News]
- Finally: What’s the biggest, bloggiest in-joke of all time? How about David Cross and Johnny Marr covering the Bank Of America “One” song? [Angry Citizen]

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