Leak Of The Week: Clipse Is Finally In The Clear

Nov 20th, 2006 // 6 Comments

After years of frustrating delays, Clipse’s Hell Hath No Fury–one of the most heavily guarded pre-releases of the digital era–went and leaked itself all over the information superhighway this weekend. You know where to find it, but just to give you a taste, here’s the appropriately Internet-hating “Keys Open Doors.”

Clipse – Keys Open Doors [MP3, link expired]

  1. The Bob Loblaw Law Blog

    You’d think after 4+ years since their last album (not including the two “We Got It For Cheap” Mixtapes) that the Clipse would have more than TWELVE tracks on their much awaited/anticipated LP.

    [Gob] Come on! [/Gob]

    Although, “Nightmares” is flawless IMO.

  2. mickeyprecious

    I would usually laugh at two jackasses posing around a white oven in a room wallpapered with paper money from around the world. It would also make me grin that said jackasses are wearing “crowns n’ frowns.”

    But alas, the Clipse are boring enough to take the life and joy out of even the most simple of pleasures.

    If I was to win a 100 millon dollar lottery, and then quickly run into the Clipse, I would be like “Shit man, what’s the point anyway. I’m just gonna eat yogurt pretzels all day and go to sleep early.”


  3. Brian Raftery

    Mickeyprecious, you are wrong. So wrong!

    Though “crowns n’ frowns” is mad funny.

  4. drjimmy11

    that is goofy-ass picture- peel some money off the wall and buy a chair, dude! – but their music is some of the best hip hop out there right now.

  5. HaterOfTheYear

    Nightmares is a perfect song… agreed.

    Mind Playin’ Tricks ’06

  6. andynomore

    Socrates + Dirty Money = Yes please.

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