An Inthusiastic Idolator Indorsement: Please Keep Track Of “Keeping Score”


You’ll have to check your local listings to see if and when it’s showing, but by all means, do not miss PBS’ hour-long Keeping Score episode on composer Aaron Copland. If you’re not familiar with Copland–or with American classical music in general–it’s a quick-fix history lesson on the original Brooklyn music scenester, a guy who drew from folk, jazz and klezmer, and had more dope collaborators than Pharrell (In My Mind would have been so much better with a little Leonard Bernstein on the beats). It’s the best music-related bit of television we’ve seen all year–the Chappelle’s Show Tupac sketch is a close second–and a must-watch.

Okay, now back to our regularly scheduled Tommy Lee jokes.

Copland and the American Sound [Official site]