Listening Station: Rock Star: Supernova May Not Be Quite As Terrible As You Expect

Nov 20th, 2006 // 14 Comments

To be honest, we weren’t planning on giving the just-leaked Rock Star: Supernova album more than a cursory listen, but then we realized that metal-pop whiz Butch Walker co-wrote and produced several of the tracks. Walker’s involvement is always good sign, and we’re guessing it’s his behind-the-scenes work that makes parts of Supernova actually pretty enjoyable–at least for those of us power-rock dopes who are easily satisifed by a few good catchy riffs. Take a listen to two tracks below, and let us know: Good or terrible?

Rock Star: Supernova – Leave The Lights On [MP3, link expired]
Rock Star: Supernova – It’s All Love [MP3, link expired]

  1. thepunkguy

    Um, that first lyric of Lights, I thought they were going to sing “Ain’t Nothin But a Good Time.” by Poison. Anyone else hear that??

  2. SirLoin

    Man, Jason Newsted used to be in METALLICA.

  3. jack

    “pop metal” and “whiz” do not belong in immediate proximaty to one another.

    sorry butch…maybe you should get started on the lindsay lohan follow up.

  4. Paul D

    Walker’s involvement is always good sign

    Wash your mouth out. That made me do a double-take.

    In my opinion Butch Walker is a horse’s ass and a hack. He’s responsible for some of the most insipid teeny-bop punk-wock ever foisted on the public. (SR-71 anyone?) It is perhaps irony of the most poetic kind that he is attached to the sham known as Rock Star: Supernova.

    I had the extreme misfortune several years ago to be in a band sharing a bill with him in Atlanta. It was awful awful awful. A lot of sparkly guitars, posing, and nauseating songs.

    His songwriting is criminally bad, and his idea of “production” can make even the coolest no-nonsense hard rock band (Injected, for example) sound like a shiny shiny turd.

    Come on Idolatoristas, I expected better of you.

    / rant

  5. noamjamski

    “Leave the Lights On” sounds like Kiss, Brainiac and Power Station had a baby.

  6. Ned Raggett

    Butch ain’t perfect but damn I’ll take him over a lot of the clods out there.

  7. xtianrut

    Is there a picture of him out there anywhere where Jason Newsted isn’t making that face? It’s like someone pulls out a camera and he just starts shitting in his drawers…

  8. mickeyprecious

    Christ, when did Lyle Lovett join the band?

  9. The Mozfather

    I say boo-urns. It sounds like a weak imitation of Andrew WK.

  10. DeeJayQueue

    I kept waiting for the chorus of “lights on” to be “get it on, bang a gong, get it on”

  11. OutsideToilet

    Oh, children, children. This thing was created for television. So it’s hardly surprising that it ends up being a little short of, er, purism. However, at least producer boy has been kind enough to slip in a little Marc ‘My Mini’s Leaning On A Lamppost’ Bolan for our delectation. And Lucas did write the music for a lot of commercials. In Canada. So it’s a little like a conversation about Proust with Dave Navarro. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  12. tee.

    Seriously, I think “It’s All Love” is kind of catchy, but I really don’t get the Butch Walker love.

  13. antistar

    Ugh! Those songs are terrible. And that mumbling idiot singing for them makes Methods of Mayhem seem genius. As far as Butch goes, he should stick to producing the teeny boppers.

  14. myrrh

    Since when is the “shaker” a hard rock instrument? And gratuitous bongos? They don’t make drugs heavy enough to make this shit sound anything short of awful.

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