Please Release Me (Sooner): Charlotte Gainsbourg Teams Up With Air

Nov 20th, 2006 // 2 Comments

cg.jpgWelcome to another edition of “Please Release Me,” in which your Idolators request–nay beg–that an out-of-print, delayed or held-up-in-customs album be issued stateside:

Artist: Charlotte Gainsbourg
Hometown: Paris, France
Album: 5:55, 2006
What is it?: Serge Gainsbourg’s daughter and Science of Sleep star Charlotte Gainsbourg assembled an all-star cast for this album: there’s music by Air, lyrics by Jarvis Cocker and the Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon, and production by Nigel Godrich, and yes, the album is out-and-out gorgeous. Gainsbourg’s breathy voice is well-served by Air’s moody arrangements, and the string arrangements–which were masterminded by Beck’s father, David Campbell–add another dreamlike layer.
Where is it?: Yesterday’s New York Times blurb on 5:55 hinted that it would be available in the States, via Vice Records, next spring; it came out in the UK in September, and it’s on sale at Amazon UK and CD WOW. But the more we listen to it, the more we can’t help but think that its chilly, beguiling songs would be well-suited to a winter release.

Charlotte Gainsbourg – AF607105 [MP3, link expired]
Charlotte Gainsbourg – Everything I Cannot See [MP3, link expired]
Charlotte Gainsbourg [MySpace]

  1. stylustodd

    Think I read that it’s because she’s finishing up some acting jobs and doesn’t have time to promote it sooner.

  2. chaircrusher

    All the cool kids got their copies from amazon UK weeks ago. As a matter of fact, I got a used copy from someone in England via Amazon.

    And yes, it’s really a new Air album with Charlotte adding her extremely limited vocal talents. In a recent interview she even said “I’m not a musician” which I thought was especially cool.

    This is a manufactured, high concept CD, but it harks back to the days when people used to do that well — like when her papa wrote and produced with Jane Birkin (her mom) and Brigitte Bardot. Those Air boys probably drove her nuts with questions about Serge Gainsbourg, whose style they’ve been biting since day one.

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