Our Long-Standing Dohertorium: Yes, It’s Still On

Nov 20th, 2006 // 7 Comments

We know, we know: The poophead in the pork-pie hat did something stupid over the weekend–something involving a smokeable form of cocaine and a Jaguar. And once again, we’re going to completely ignore it, because the guy’s got enough attention as it is, and all the Monday-morning quartercracking in the world is going to make that Babyshambles CD any better (besides, we already have one British auto-addict to worry about).

In fact, we’ve been so happy with our Dohertorium, we’re open to suggestions as to what other musical maladroits we should ban. And so we ask: Is there anyone else you’d like to see banished from Idolator? Courtney Love? Jay-Z? What about the tall, big-haired guy from Seinfeld–will we ever have another reason to talk about that guy again?

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  1. Nicolars

    Lindsay Lohan? I don’t recall seeing her mentioned here yet, but I thought I’d throw that out there in case she ever puts out another album.

  2. cerulgalactus

    Lohan, definitely. And L’il Wayne. And Kanye West. And Lily Allen.

  3. O.D.B. McDowell

    so you post this item, mention the incident, and link to the story mentioning the incident…but you’re still officially ignoring him? just making sure i have it straight.

  4. andynomore

    I’d be ok if Fergie was never mentioned again.

  5. drjimmy11

    Borat-torium please please please!

  6. prodigal


    Also, if Staind (it’s missing a consonant! it’s 2.0!) ever does anything again, they should be ignored so hard that they implode from deflated ego.

    I’m tempted to suggest Guns’n'Roses, but making fans riot seems to be the best creative output they can come up with.

  7. myrrh

    Would you stop the passive-aggressive “We’re ignoring ______ but we still want the SEO points” posts? They’re steaming turds on the pile of otherwise comedic and informative gold you offer. Well, it’s probably fool’s gold, but, still, oo, shiny.

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