Lady Sovereign Gets Called Out For Being Grandma-Dissing Brat

Nov 20th, 2006 // 6 Comments

ladysov.jpgTRL may have loved Lady Sovereign, but they didn’t spend $10,000 on a date with her, then get dissed for being “boring.” That happened to Zach Slow, the Bay Area sucker resident who raised money online to wine and dine the pint-sized rapper–only to read that Lady Sov, in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, had complained about not bringing along her crew, and the presence of a photographer. Slow responded:

I’ve just spent a month working my butt off to go party with a famous rapper. Why would I want a photographer and cameraman in my face during the few measly hours I have with her? Now put yourself in her shoes. You’re an up-and-coming rapper who disses fans’ grandparents. You’re about to release an album and would like to get lots of publicity. So you bring a film crew and a cameraman to shoot the whole thing. It was her management that insisted a crew be there to get some publicity shots — I was the one fighting that.

Yeesh. Can someone get this chick some media training? Between this and her recent string of disastrous shows, we feel like we’re watching a rerun of last year play out all over again, only with the added “features” of grandma-bashing and an album that’s taking a nosedive down the Billboard 200.

Lady Sovereign – A Little Bit Of Shhh [MP3, link expired]
San Francisco man who raised money for a ‘date’ with Lady Sovereign tells his side of story []

  1. Nicolars

    I can’t work up a lot of sympathy for a dude who would voluntarily spend time with Lady Sovergeign.

  2. cerulgalactus

    And yet, better than Lilly Allen.

  3. Clare

    Dammit, why does Lady Sov make it so hard for me to like her?

  4. mickeyprecious

    Some people may not like this but it’s the God’s honest truth: the beautful worldwide population of human females needs to step up to the plate when it comes to rap music.

    Seriously, do I really have to choose between the semi-retarded and hideous stylings of ‘Lil Kim or the brass-mouthed untalented midget drivel of Lady Soverign? Can’t there be someone easy to like – like a female ‘Lil Wayne or a brainy-yet-pissed all-girl Public Enemy?

    Neneh Cherry, why have you forsaken us!

  5. Audif Jackson Winters III

    Only thing worse than chavscum? Spoiled, rapping chavscum.

  6. aggrobitch

    from one stupid bitch to another. you a stupid bitch.

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