iTunes Store Somehow Manages To Become More Boring Than Usual

Nov 21st, 2006 // 2 Comments

trent.jpgIt’s been a slow couple of weeks for the iTunes store’s Celebrity Playlist section: Gone are the days when you could read terribly written music-taste missives from the likes of of Jennifer Garner (“this song really gets me going!!”) and Janet Jackson (“this track takes me 2 my childhood when I was n jr high n hanging out @ the football field…”). Now iTunes is stuck with i-listers like Shooter Jennings and George Lopez, though the nadir may be this week’s entry from Trent Tomlinson, who we figured was an extreme windsurfer, but who’s actually a country-rocker. We realize these entries are supposed to be bare-bones simple, but Tomlinson’s descriptions are almost like bad rock-crit haikus:

“Purple Rain”: “Best song from his best album.”
“Ain’t That A Kick In The Head”: “Classic big band sound. VEGAS! VEGAS! VEGAS!”
“Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound”: “Ol’ Hank doesn’t get better than Ol’ Hank”

And so on, etc. Our suggestions: Either dump this idea altogether–really, the world doesn’t need another dull “What’s on your iPod?” feature–or line up some really interesting celebrities. We’re talking Crazy Eddie, The Penguin, or maybe even the ghost of Wesley Willis. They oughta spice things up a bit. And if not, we know a certain North Korean dictator who’d love to chime in with his picks.

  1. Ned Raggett

    Yeah, I suppose what country rockers are around here in OC kinda have to look like that by decree.

  2. MJ

    “Ol’ Hank doesn’t get better than Ol’ Hank”

    Wow. Oriental wisdom, this is.

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