Please Release Me: The Long Blondes Could Maybe, Possibly Be In It For The Long Haul

Nov 21st, 2006 // 6 Comments

Even though we try as hard as we can to listen without prejudice, it’s been some time since we trusted any band that gets a crazed reaction from the NME‘s reviews section: Forget it, overenthusiastic British press! We fell for your Hundred Reasons, your Biffy Clyros. God as our witness, we’ll never listen to Klaxons again!

Then we read Village Voicer Tom Breihan’s “Status Ain’t Hood” column about Sheffield act the Long Blondes, in which Breihan declares the group’s Someone To Drive You Home album “the closest thing the world has had to another Elastica since the first Elastica released their first album.” So we gave it a try, and while we’re not quite sure it’s up there with Justine Frischmann’s finest, we’re very much into the following singles, which still don’t have a stateside release date. But don’t worry: We’re sure this will be picked up in the U.S. and beaten over our heads shortly within the new year.

The Long Blondes – You Could Have Both [MP3, link expired]
The Long Blondes – Seperated By Motorways [MP3, link expired]
Long Blondes: Desperation Britpop [Village Voice]

  1. Deadly Tango

    I agree with running away from the fawning / tall poppy dichotomy of the Brit music press but the Long Blondes are fantastic. Citing Elastica as the touchpoint is really damning with faint praise, though… Kate Jackson channels 1978-era Debbie Harry in ways that Justine only dreamed about.

    What I really want, though, is the odds-and-sods release (like Stereolab’s “Switched On” volumes). The re-recordings and Steve Mackey’s production values on the album radically alter some of the older tunes. “Giddy Stratospheres” went from being spacey and trippy to oppressive … and the very best B-sides — “Autonomy Boy” and “Fulwood Babylon” — aren’t even on the UK album.

    I’ll place my bet now that we’ll see a modified US release with different “bonus tracks” (like The Go! Team, but without the sampledelic copyright issues) just to frustrate (or milk) the early adopters.

  2. aggrobitch


  3. qyntellspitbull

    I know of a couple small/mid-level US indies that have wanted to release this, only to get a big “not interested” from the band’s management. Looks like they are still drumming up that “unsigned” blog hype, before they sign to a large label and do that VW commercial.

  4. MTS

    Long Blondes = Debbie Harry? Elastica? What? You people need to listen closely — they sound so much like Lung Leg! And that’s a good thing in my book.

  5. GilloD

    Didn’t What’s Your Rupture put out some of their stuff in the US?

  6. cerulgalactus

    You can keep your NME recommendations, I’ll use the tried and true method – if a cute British gal who wants to sleep with me says they are good, then by god, they are good.

    And, then I get laid.

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