Caught In The Pit: Idolator Readers Spark Hot Threads


Every now and again, we like to look at our favorite comments from the past few days–the reader contributions that made us laugh, cry, and lunge for Google. So here’s “Caught In The Pit,” a glance at our favorite recent Idolator threads. Want to join in? Right this way.

1) New York Times’ Story On Musical Youth Strikes An Awfully Familiar Chord: “Kid-band parents are not quite as horrible as pageant moms or the more Type A Little League dads, but in terms of trying to make your kids live out your failed dreams, they’re way too close.”–mike a

2) Former Music-Magazine Bigwig Now Slumming It As Music Blogger: “Kiss-ass? Please tell me that’s a typo. You can’t call the Beatles kiss-ass and expect a slot on the next VH1 music countdown show (if there is a next VH1 music countdown show).”–rad_matter

3) Coachella: Let The Rampant, Ill-Informed Speculation Begin: “It’s just a hunch, but I think Perry Farrell might be dj’ing at Coachella this year.”–DanGibson

4) “Centerfield” Singer Attempts To Rack Up More Frequent-Flyer Miles For Football: “What, did Lee Greenwood die? If not, what are we doing about it?”–Tuffy Rhodes

5) Bono Fends Off Watch-Stealing Street Urchin: “You stick the majority of U2 and all of Pearl Jam on stage together, and they become UJam. Wonder Twins they are not.”–twofivefour