The Ben Faux Five: Would You Believe This Guy Is A Nerdy Piano Rocker?

Nov 21st, 2006 // 2 Comments

It’s kind of a long story (one that you can read about here), but during one of last week’s Ben Folds Five shows at New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom, three members of the comedy troupe Improv Everywhere opened the night by pretending to be the band–and then reacting in mock-horror as their pre-taped song started to skip. The clip of the gag is actually pretty funny, though the best bit is the audience reaction, especially when one gullible attendee yells “You guys are FUCKED!”

Oh, and in full disclosure, one of your Idolators knows one of the pranksters, but had no idea that this happened until someone tipped us off to it this afternoon; otherwise, we would have been dicks and ruined the surprise last week.

Improv Everywhere Mission: Ben Folds Fake [Improv Everywhere]

  1. twofivefour

    Tangentally related, Ben Folds did an impressive cover of The Postal Service’s [i]Such Great Heights[/i] for Triple J (read: government-funded ‘youth’ radio – no ads, no pop charts) a few months ago, consisting of him on piano, singing and beatboxing, and three improvised drummers. Oh, and finishing with a Macarena ringtone.
    No, really, it’s good.

  2. twofivefour

    Dammit, I’ve used the wrong tags for italics.

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