Caption This: “Yeahhhh, (It’s A) Boyyyyy!”

Nov 22nd, 2006 // 7 Comments

When Chuck D asked “How low can you go?” in “Bring the Noise,” this probably isn’t what he had in mind.

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  1. PengIn

    It’s time to send in the S1Ws to take this fool down. It’ll kind of be like a coup, but instead of the president (Chuck D), they’ll be taking out the vice-comptroller of a mid-sized county.

  2. Darth Funk

    Night of the Living Assheads.

  3. TheDTrain

    So this must be what it’s like when flavor and tragedy mate…

  4. Mo!

    VH-1 is a joke.

  5. Stevie

    Chuck D now following a man with a bottle; Flav is, indeed, a baby with a beard.

  6. drjimmy11

    When that clock strikes midnight, we’re all going to wake up and realize all the popular music since 1990 was only a nightmare, and we were safe in bed the whole time.

  7. FionaScrapple

    Channel Zero, Indeed.

    Bonus Redskins Tie-in!!: “We got a black quarterback, so step back…”

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